Unlike marriages in the past, we've been living together for almost five years, and the typical household wedding gifts aren't necessary as we've acquired most of these items. We're excited enough to see everybody on our big day but if you really must give us a wedding present please consider donating to our honeymoon fund. Because of Thais's last year in school, we won't have the time off to take our honeymoon until after she graduates in 2017, but we do have plans to visit Eastern Asia; specifically China and South Korea.

Below is a list of items that we'd be paying for on our honeymoon. Gifts will be used to help pay for flights, hotels, food, and excursions to various sites. Scroll through the items and if you find something that you'd like to help us for pay for, you can select the gift. Once you select a gift, adjust the cost of the gift to whatever you find suitable. Also, please do not feel obligated to give us anything. Your presence celebrating our special day as people we consider family and friends is truly a gift in itself.

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